Far Cry 5 Used to Create Popular Maps from Call of Duty, CS: GO

Far Cry 5 Used to Create Popular Maps from Call of Duty, CS: GO

Far Cry 5 is the first entrant from the series to take place in the United States, allowing gamers to experience the intriguing chaos of a religious cult as it wreaks havoc on the Montana locals. While the setting has certainly established some great building blocks for a layered story, sometimes gamers just want to duke it out against one another in more familiar digs – and thankfully, the arcade mode from Far Cry 5 allows fans to do exactly that.

With the ability to create maps from scratch and share the results online, it has taken some dedicated fans less than two full days to make spot-on recreations of popular maps from other games. To the surprise of few, they’ve turned out to be a fun place to unleash chaos.

Some of the more prominent Far Cry 5 arcade mode offerings have been rehashes of iconic maps like Call of Duty‘s Nuketown, Counter Strike‘s De_Dust2, and the Baker Family House from Resident Evil 7. The maps are surprisingly close in appearance to their on-brand counterparts, a feat made all the more impressive when one considers how little time has passed since the game’s release on Tuesday. As the game is still minty fresh, the maps themselves are full of players eager to test out their mettle with Far Cry‘s combat in a nostalgic, familiar setting.

Gamers can take a look at the De_Dust2 creation below:

While slightly more barebones than its dusty counterpart, the Nuketown recreation brings back fond memories of its heyday in Call of Duty:

It’ll be interesting to see if any original content is able to rise through the ranks in arcade mode on an equal scale, but for now the nostalgic arcade offerings are quite a draw in themselves. In any event, it’s not like gamers are short on content outside of the game’s arcade mode: the game contains everything from alien guns to references to Stephen King’s It, and undoubtedly contains several more secrets that simply haven’t been discovered yet.

We stated that Far Cry 5 is one of the greatest takes on the open world genre the gaming industry has seen to date, and creation tools like its arcade mode will only help to increase the game’s lifespan. There’s already a great selection of iconic gaming maps after less than 48 hours of the game’s launch, which means more great fan-made content will likely pour out as the weeks being to flow by.

Far Cry 5 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.